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Wasted Lives Case Study | Trailer Covers

Executive Summary
A safety team from Lancashire approached Stuart Canvas with an unusual request. The customer (Wasted Lives) required a trailer cover to suit a frame to transport a very badly damaged car around the country.  The damaged car has a tragic story behind it, and is used to try and shock younger drivers into driving safely. To read more about how the car is used, visit their website

As the vehicle is in a highly-damaged state and prone to further damage and corrosion, the customer was torn between covering the vehicle up to protect from the elements, and being able to showcase it to its full impact.  The company approached Stuart Canvas to see if a compromise would be possible – a cover that remained around the vehicle, however with means of being able to show it to the young drivers.

How the Product Helped
To enable this, Stuart Canvas provided a cover with roll up sides and a transparent roof to allow natural sunlight through. This same cover could then be used for transporting the car safely up and down the country without the hassle of taking the cover on and off – risking further damage unnecessarily.  Stuart Canvas produced a cover for the car, that was both durable and flexible, as well as printing the companies own logo onto the material to promote the brand when on the move.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans
“The bespoke canvas made for our demonstration trailer has provided not only a much-needed solution to our needs for protecting the display but has also let us maximise the opportunity for sharing our messages and branding with the public.  The quality and accurate sizing of the bespoke cover has ensured that the cover is fit for purpose, easy to use and will last a long time.”


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