In the dynamic world of professional football, every detail counts. From the pitch to the stands, the atmosphere of a football match is carefully curated to enhance the overall experience for players and fans alike. Stuart Canvas Group, a leading manufacturer in sports ground equipment, recently had the honor of working with Sheffield Wednesday, one of the most iconic football clubs in England. The mission: to design, manufacture, and install a retractable player tunnel that
recylce Tarpaulin Stuart Canvas
Our tarpaulins play a significant role in a number of industries such as agriculture, construction and transport, and now we are delighted to provide a range of tarpaulins that are fully recyclable to help reduce landfill.  Traditional tarpaulins are often made from materials that are not easily biodegradable, potentially contributing to plastic pollution. With the new tarpaulins that we have on offer, we are able to reduce our environmental footprint and supply tarpaulins manufactured by materials that
Birchwood Tennis Complex is a well-established indoor tennis facility located in vibrant area of Warrington. The complex boasts multiple indoor & outdoor tennis courts that cater to a diverse range of players, from beginners to professionals. As part of a recent refurbishment to the leisure complex Birchwood Tennis reached out to Stuart Canvas Group with a need to enhance the indoor tennis courts surroundings. This is would be in the forms of custom made backdrops
Electric Vehicle Charger Covers
EV Charging Stations Covers for The EV NetworkIntroduction: The EV Network (EVN) is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, offering innovative solutions to support the growing electric vehicle market. With the surge in electric vehicle adoption, EVN identified a need for high-quality waterproof covers to protect and brand their new electric car charging ports during the pre-installation phase. Challenge: One of the challenges faced by EVN was ensuring the protection of their new
As a leading manufacturer of cricket indoor practice netting, we understand the importance of providing an exceptional experience to our clients. Beyond supplying high-quality sports hall netting solutions, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that our systems continue to deliver optimal performance and durability over time. To achieve this, we are proud to offer our comprehensive service plan, aimed at servicing the netting and the hanging systems that we have fitted, for