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Recyclable Tarpaulins – A New Sustainable Solution

Our tarpaulins play a significant role in a number of industries such as agriculture, construction and transport, and now we are delighted to provide a range of tarpaulins that are fully recyclable to help reduce landfill. 

Traditional tarpaulins are often made from materials that are not easily biodegradable potentially contributing to plastic pollution. With the new tarpaulins that we have on offer, we are able to reduce our environmental footprint and  supply tarpaulins manufactured by materials that can be easily recycled reducing the damage caused by waste.

The use of recyclable tarpaulins also contributes to circular economy benefits, as  the material can be reclaimed and reused in the manufacturing process, thus reducing the demand for raw materials. This provides numerous benefits as it lessens environmental impact whilst conserving resources.

 Recyclable Tarpaulin

The tarpaulin that we offer has a fabric weight of 350g/m² whilst providing a tensile strength that is greater than a Heavy Duty Tarpaulin that would be 610g/m² , the tarpaulin itself its entirely PVC free as it is manufactured from a recyclable polypropylene, these come with a polypropylene rope inside the hem . This collection of tarpaulins also have a high UV durability of at least 5 years for Northern Europe.

Listed below is a table of the available sizes, package size and pallet quantity that can be ordered.

Size Packaging Colour
4 x 6m 1 pcs / box Green / Grey
6 x 8m 1 pcs / box Green / Grey
6 x 10m 1 pcs / box Green / Grey
10 x 12m 1 pcs / box Green / Grey

If you are interested in purchasing our recyclable tarpaulins or would like more information, call us on 01925 814525 or email [email protected]

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