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Racing Trailer Car Cover

Stuart Canvas has supplied protective covers to the automotive industry for a number of years. These products include protective stillages and pallet covers, engine covers and storage covers.

Executive Summary
Stuart Canvas were approached by Chris Boyd to create bespoke trailer covers to suit two separate racing cars. Each cover had to fit the vehicles trailer’s snugly and be easily accessible to load and unload the cars from the trailer and to access tools and parts that are housed in the trailer.  The cover also needed to be as aerodynamic as possible to aid fuel consumption, complete with a shaped front to match and streamline the vehicle and minimise resistance. It was also essential that the roof and sides of the cover were taut to reduce the impact and drag of air displaced by the tow vehicle.

The main obstacle that Stuart Canvas were tasked with was getting the cover to tightly fit to the framework as snugly as possible to reduce the impact of gravitational pull on the trailer, while still having openings at each side for accessibility.

How the Product Helped
Stuart Canvas are experts in creating bespoke covers to meet client’s specific and detailed needs and were successful in designing and manufacturing the trailers covers to fit around each of the vehicles seamlessly, complete with the requested side openings.  By creating these openings at both sides of the trailer, it could be accessed to fix the vehicles while the cover was on as the trailers were in transition.  By achieving such an impressive fit to the trailer, the cover provided the customer with the availability to get more miles per gallon (mpg) than when the cover was off and there was just a bare frame.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans
“I would just like to drop a word of thanks to everyone for going the extra mile and getting all the detail right for me.  It is now exactly what I was looking for and I managed to get better mpg on the way home with the top on it than when I brought it down with the bare frame, so the theory seems to work in practice.“
Chris Boyd

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