Bespoke Trailer Covers

  • Durable and UV stabilised 650gsm PVC
  • Manufactured in a variety of colours
  • Eyelets and 10mm shock cord included
  • Bespoke to the size of your trailer


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Bespoke Trailer Covers

At Stuart Canvas we can produce trailer covers to suit any size from a standard boxed to bespoke to pick up. All of our covers are made-to-measure and produced to the highest specification. Our waterproof trailer covers are competitively priced and made from a minimum weight of 580gsm to a maximum of 900gsm PVC.

The covers can be produced in a variety of colours and as standard will come complete with reinforced hems, eyelets and shock cord. We can also provide branding on the cover with our MUTOH printing machine to promote your business, either printing directly onto white PVC or using high-quality vinyl stickers on coloured PVC. This is an excellent opportunity to promote the company logo or website.

We can also provide additional extras to suit your trailer cover:

  • Specifically spaced eyelets
  • Turn button fixings
  • Reinforced corners for sharp edgesApex Roof
  • Velcro/zips at the rear to allow for access
  • Dutch Lacing
  • TIR Rear Access
  • PVC Ears to accommodate a ladder rack

For local customers, we can arrange a site visit to measure your trailer. Or simply have someone bring the trailer to our factory in Warrington to have a member of our technical team to measure.

We have previously manufactured covers for the below list of Ifor Williams trailer models:

Trailer Number

  • GD
  • GD 105
  • GD 105 EVO 3
  • GD 84
  • GD 84 Mesh Sides
  • GD 85 EVO 3 Mesh Sides
  • GD 85 Ramp
  • GD 64 Mesh Sides
  • LM
  • LM 105
  • LM 105 Mesh Sides
  • LM 126
  • LM126 Mesh Sides
  • LM 146 G
  • LM 146 Mesh Sides
  • LM 186 Mesh SidesLM 85 Mesh Sides
  • P
  • P5E Mesh Sides
  • P5E Ramp
  • P6E Mesh Sides
  • P6E Ramp
  • P7E Mesh Sides
  • P8E Mesh Sides
  • TT
  • TT 2515 + Mesh
  • TT 3017
  • TT 3017 Mesh Sides
  • TT 85
  • TT 3621 Mesh sides

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Our in-house designers will create detailed digital CAD files to ensure accuracy in the design of your project.


Our team of expert craftsmen will use their years of experience alongside our cutting-edge machinery to handcraft your project.


Once your project passes our quality control, it will be distributed via secure carriers or by our specialist installation team.

PVC material is durable, sturdy, waterproof, and tear-resistant, giving it versatile applications. PVC is simple to maintain; it can be cleaned with a wet towel or washed with soapy water. It is waterproof with great weather resistance, including rain, snow, hail, UV rays, and frigid temperatures. We offer PVC in 580gsm to 900gsm weights with our most popular being 610gsm, which offers a great balance between performance and aesthetics. PVC is also available as a fire retardant option.

Stipped PVC

Manufactured from 580gsm PVC, this durable PVC comes in a variety of striped colours, making them versatile for different aesthetics. Specifically for canopies and market stalls, they offer ideal protection against the elements, being both waterproof and UV stabilised, ensuring longevity and reliability in outdoor settings.

Clear PVC  is ideal for creating window sections in tarpaulins and covers, to allow extra light through. Clear PVC is available in 580gsm and 610gsm weights. It is UV-stabilised and offers the same waterproof and weather protection as coloured PVC.

Polyester Cotton Canvas

Our heavy duty polyester cotton canvas fabric is a woven fabric with a composition of 50% Polyester and 50% Cotton. It is naturally breathable, and its ability to regulate temperature and moisture makes canvas fabric unique. This water-resistant material creates an organic look and feel.

Recyclable Polypropylene

This recyclable material offers a fabric weight of 350gsm whilst providing a tensile strength that is greater than a heavy duty PVC of 610gsm. The material is entirely PVC-free as it is manufactured from recyclable polypropylene. It can come with a polypropylene rope inside the hem. It also has a high UV durability of at least 5 years for Northern Europe. Recyclable polypropylene can be used on any application in which PVC would typically be used. It is also available in an extra-heavy duty 600gsm weight.

Ripstop Canvas

Durable and stylish multi-purpose ripstop fabric is available in a range of vibrant colours. Ripstop Canvas is a specially woven fabric that prevents tearing and ripping, making it ideal for projects that require the organic look of canvas but need the strength and durability that ripstop can provide.

Woven Polyester

Woven Polyester offers the perfect balance of science, toughness and style. It is a lightweight, highly water resistant, breathable, non sagging and durable fabric, ideal for covers, awnings, UV strips, upholstery, cushions, umbrellas and sun shades. It is available in two weights with various finishes and a wide range of colours to suit all applications.

Windbreak Mesh

Specially designed windbreak material is manufactured from robust polypropylene. It is UV stabilised, making it ideal for year round outdoor use. The material blocks the majority of wind from passing through, creating a still air area behind it. The porous nature of the martial prevents it from acting like a sail in high winds, while still offering protection.

Geo Textile

Designed to provide a controlled environment for the germination of grass. It also provides frost damage protection to grass during freezing conditions. It is manufactured from 155gsm black porous material which can be produced as a single skin to a triple skin cover.

PVC Mesh

Heavy duty PVC mesh is an extremely strong hard wearing fabric with a high tensile strength. The mesh allows for wind to pass through while still creating a strong barrier; it is ideal for areas requiring increased ventilation. It can also be added to PVC material to create an opening, for example, to create a window on a PVC machine cover to the retractable tunnel.

Semi - Translucent

Our semi-translucent material is reinforced and designed to allow sunlight through onto the grass below in sporting venues. It is available in set and bespoke sizes, and we can add reinforced hems, eyelets, and grab handles.


We can offer a wide range of netting weights and materials. These can be used in ball sports as ball stop netting and in mobile batting cages. Our netting can also be used in industry as debris netting and cargo nets. Our netting is available in a range of colours to suit all uses.

Our seasoned install manager oversees our in-house installations teams. With decades of experience and SSSTS qualification, he brings extensive knowledge and skills to our teams.

Depending on the job requirements, our install staff can hold CSCS cards along with ASMA, IPAF, and FLT certifications, ensuring they are equipped to handle diverse tasks safely and efficiently.

From working at height to groundwork, we use a wide range of machinery tailored to suit every job. Our arsenal includes diggers with various ground working attachments and our own scaffold tower, welding machines, and a fleet of vans and extra long wheelbase trucks.

We maintain contracts with major suppliers of plant and powered access equipment, ensuring access to top-quality resources for every project.



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