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We’ve got you covered, Toronto Cricket Club | Mobile Cricket Covers

Discover how Stuart Canvas traveled overseas to Toronto Cricket Club to install Mobile Cricket Covers.

About Toronto Cricket Club

Toronto Cricket Club (TCC) has been established for over 65 years. They aim to provide their members with exceptional experiences and within an excellent environment.

They provide facilities for a number of different sporting areas, including cricket, croquet, skating, tennis and more.

TCC prides itself on providing members and guests with “Canada’s best and mot renowned” cricket facility. Their cricket field is five acres. It has ten wickets and is sanctioned by the International Cricket Council for International play. The club provides programs designed for all members, of all ability and a wide range of ages too.
With cricket playing such an integral part to this club’s business and activities, it’s vital they have the best facilities and equipment. This will ensure they provide members with an exceptional experience time and time again.

Stuart Canvas has over 45 years’ experience in producing high quality products. They provide with excellent customer service and have an extensive knowledge within the Cricket industry. Stuart Canvas have worked with many prestigious cricket grounds including Lords, Edgbaston, Old Trafford, and many County Cricket Clubs too.

With a such a wealth of experience and excellent reputation, Toronto Cricket Club could trust that Stuart Canvas would have their needs covered.

Toronto Cricket Club were looking for quality cricket covers which could boast the club logo.

The solution: Stuart Canvas Mobile Cricket Covers

Stuart Canvas were proud to work with Toronto Cricket Club to provide the club with high quality mobile cricket covers. Stuart Canvas are now pleased to provide cutting, marking and printing services on a wide variety of products.

Stuart Canvas mobile cricket covers have been manufactured for use all over the world. As a result, preventing matches from being cancelled due to inclement weather.
Stuart Canvas can design, manufacture and install a set of mobile covers to cater for any cricket clubs specific needs.

The mobile cricket covers are easily maneuverable. Each individual section of the cricket cover is easy to move and can be maneuvered by one or two people.

Stuart Canvas mobile cricket covers boast a ten year structural warranty. Plus, a two year parts and labour guarantee (exclusions apply).

Which type of Mobile Cricket Cover is best?

Stuart Canvas manufactures two variations of mobile cricket cover.

Domed Mobile Cricket Covers at Toronto Cricket Club

Domed Mobile Cricket Covers at Toronto Cricket Club

Apex Mobile Cricket Covers at Somerset Cricket Club

Apex Mobile Cricket Covers at Somerset Cricket Club

The most popular option among cricket clubs are the Domed Mobile Cricket Covers. As were selected by Toronto Cricket Club.

Apex Mobile Cricket Covers have been around for a long time. As the industry has developed there has been a trend of people opting for the Domed Mobile Cricket Covers. As the leading provider of Mobile Cricket Covers in the UK, Stuart Canvas are proud to offer our Test Standard Dome Mobile Covers (always in stock) or Bespoke, custom-made Apex covers, should a cricket club require.

In short, both variations of the covers fulfill the same purpose, the difference would depend on your preference and your budget.

 Stuart Canvas Cover Printing Services

Stuart Canvas are able to provide printing services. This can provide great value to cricket clubs. Whether it be offering brand awareness for the club or offering a revenue stream through a sponsorship or advertising agreement with an external partner.

How to maintain Mobile Cricket Covers

The mobile cricket covers will experience stress under the exposure of external aggressors, including extreme weather conditions and excessive force.
Regular maintenance is required to ensure longevity and optimum performance of your mobile cricket covers. Follow the tips below for maintenance of the cover tops and frames of your mobile covers.

How to maintain cover tops

  • During Winter, remove the cover tops from the frames and store away dry, whilst not in use
  • Cover tops should be cleaned regularly. Stuart Canvas recommend using a damp cloth or sponge, with some mild soap
  • Store cover tops dry and off the ground to prevent damage from damp or vermin

How to maintain frames

  • Each month check and tighten all nuts and bolts
  • Clean the gutters to ensure water ways do not get blocked by leaves or debris
  • Lubricate the swivel mechanism on the swivel castor
  • Lubricate the bearings on wheel axles

Review of the Mobile Cricket Covers at Toronto Cricket Club

Following the installation of the mobile cricket covers at Toronto Cricket Club the grounds are looking exceptional. The cricket covers fit perfectly within the environment, sitting alongside some of the most premium sports and cricket equipment around.

The covers will ensure play can continue where it may have been cancelled before. Toronto Cricket Club will be running a Cricket Day Camp aimed at 4-16 year old’s and is exemplary in encouraging young people to get active and involved in Cricket.

Whilst the cricket covers can prevent some cancellations, other factors will influence frequency of play. The mobile cricket covers will contribute to increased efficiency of use of the grounds and allow more members to enjoy and experience the facilities, offering significant value to the club.

The covers are eye-catching and the use of the club’s badge on the top of the covers adds to the premium feel of the covers. Stand-out features like this are invaluable in attracting new members and passers-by to a club.

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