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Protecting Cricket Practice at Old Trafford Cricket Stadium


The UK is known for its unpredictable weather, meaning cricket clubs face a constant challenge: how to maintain practice sessions despite the rain. Old Trafford Cricket Stadium in Manchester, found a solution with Stuart Canvas. Installing an innovative inflatable cover over their practice area, ensuring that professional players could hone their skills regardless of the weather conditions.

The Challenge:

April 2024 has been experiencing the highest rainfall in April over 150 years. With the cricket season looming, the management at Old Trafford faced the dilemma of providing adequate practice opportunities for their players. The incessant rain threatened to disrupt training sessions, jeopardising the team’s preparedness for the upcoming matches.

The Solution:

An inflatable cover measuring 123m by 30m. Crafted from specialised materials, the cover was designed to allow natural light to permeate through, ensuring optimal playing conditions even when the area was enclosed. Equipped with a velcro door for easy access and two small fans for inflation, the cover provided a dry and well-lit environment for cricket practice.

Key Features:

  1. Customisation: Stuart Canvas tailored the inflatable cover to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of Old Trafford. This bespoke approach ensured a perfect fit and maximum coverage.
  2. Weather Resistance: Constructed from durable materials, the cover offered protection against the elements, shielding the practice area from rain and adverse weather conditions.
  3. Accessibility: The inclusion of a velcro door allowed players and staff to enter and exit the covered area with ease, facilitating uninterrupted practice sessions.
  4. Light Transmission: The translucent nature of the material used in the cover allowed ample natural light to filter through, maintaining optimal visibility and promoting healthy grass growth.


Despite the record breaking rainfall in April, the practice area remained dry and accessible, enabling the players to continue their training regimen without interruption. As a result, the team was well prepared for the start of the cricket season, thanks to the innovative solution provided by Stuart Canvas.

Future Opportunities:

With the success of the project at Old Trafford, Stuart Canvas has demonstrated its capability to deliver tailored solutions for cricket clubs and sports venues worldwide. By leveraging their expertise in manufacturing bespoke covers, Stuart Canvas can offer similar solutions to other clubs seeking to protect their grounds and facilities from adverse weather conditions.

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