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Indoor Cricket Netting Servicing

As a leading manufacturer of cricket indoor practice netting, we understand the importance of providing an exceptional experience to our clients. Beyond supplying high-quality sports hall netting solutions, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that our systems continue to deliver optimal performance and durability over time. To achieve this, we are proud to offer our comprehensive service plan, aimed at servicing the netting and the hanging systems that we have fitted, for added peace of mind.

Unmatched Quality and Expertise:

Stuart Canvas Cricket’s core focus has always been on providing the cricket community with reliable and top-tier cricket ground equipment and our indoor practice netting is delivered with the same ethos. All our products are engineered using durable materials, backed by our extensive research and years of expertise. We manufacture our netting systems with precision to withstand the rigorous demands of intense cricket practice sessions. The durability and performance of our netting have earned us the trust of countless clubs, schools, and individuals around the world.

Reeds Schools Indoor Cricket Netting by Stuart Canvas Cricket

Reeds Schools Indoor Cricket Netting by Stuart Canvas Cricket

Our Service Plan:

Recognising that environmental factors can impact the performance of indoor practice netting, we have introduced a comprehensive service plan to address these concerns. Our service plan is designed to ensure that our client’s investment in our netting continues to deliver optimal results.

Under our service plan, our team of trained professionals will conduct inspections to identify any signs of wear. We will assess the condition of the netting, its fittings and the tracking to determine if any repairs or adjustments are required. This proactive approach enables us to detect potential issues before they escalate, ensuring that the netting system remains in excellent condition throughout its lifespan and keeping cricket practice sessions uninterrupted.


Trinity School (Croydon) Indoor Netting System

Trinity School (Croydon) Indoor Netting System


Customised Maintenance Solutions:

Each cricket facility is unique, and we recognize that specific requirements may arise based on factors such as location, frequency of use, and other individual considerations. Our service plan offers flexibility to accommodate these diverse needs. We will work closely with our clients to tailor maintenance schedules and services that align with their specific requirements. This personalised approach ensures that our customers receive a service plan that is both effective and convenient.

Complete Refurbishments:

In addition to installing new bespoke indoor netting systems, we also specialise in complete refurbishments of existing systems. If your current netting is showing signs of wear and tear, our experienced technicians can assess the condition and recommend the necessary refurbishments.
We can offer:

  • Wall Fixed PVC Storage Pouches
  • Divider Netting
  • Cricket Lane Netting
  • Full Tracking Systems with Netting
  • Replacement Netting
  • Bowlers End Protection Netting
  • Sports Hall Nets
  • Multipurpose Divider Netting
  • Integrated Sightscreens

To find our more about our complete indoor sports hall netting systems and our services plans, please contact: [email protected]


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