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A New Divide for Jewel Fire Group

Stuart Canvas was recently approached by Jewel Fire Group to produce a contamination solution for their new state of art manufacturing facilities in Rotherham. Jewel Fire is a leading manufacturer of fire extinguishers in the United Kingdom with a global customer base.

The company needed a solution to excess prevents paint spray from painting fire extinguishers drifting into other areas of the new factory. Spay, dust and other by-products of manufacturing can often course issues, as they can contaminate other manufacturing processes. Stuarts Canvas’s expert team created an innovate solution to create a seal from the roof of the factory down to a newly built partition wall.

A custom made panel was manufactured from 650gsm fire resistant PVC, this it then secure to the roof of the factory using bespoke fittings. The made to measure PVC panels ensure that once fasten the partition wall the panels remain taught and create a strong seal.

Stuart Canvas can offer a wide range of storage partitioning and industrial cover solutions, all of our products are custom made and our expert team can advise on the best material and fittings to create a high-quality product.

Jewel Fire is a market-leading supplier of the highest quality products and services exclusively for the fire trade, visit their website for more information.

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