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The EV Network Case Study

EV Charging Stations Covers for The EV Network

The EV Network (EVN) is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, offering innovative solutions to support the growing electric vehicle market. With the surge in electric vehicle adoption, EVN identified a need for high-quality waterproof covers to protect and brand their new electric car charging ports during the pre-installation phase.

One of the challenges faced by EVN was ensuring the protection of their new electric car charging ports during the pre-installation phase. During this phase, the charging ports could be exposed to damage or misuse which could potentially impact their functionality and appearance before they were officially commissioned for public use.

To address these challenges, EVN partnered with a Stuart Canvas Group, to design and produce durable PVC covers for their electric car charging ports. The collaboration aimed to create custom covers that would not only shield the ports but also promote EVN’s brand identity.


  • Design and Customisation:
    Working closely with the client’s requirements, Stuart Canvas Group designed a cover that fits perfectly over the electric car charging ports. The covers were designed to be eye-catching with a combination of yellow and black colours, mirroring EVN’s brand palette. Logos were also prominently printed on the covers to enhance brand visibility.
  • Material Selection:
    610gsm PVC material was selected to ensure that the covers could withstand various weather conditions. The material was chosen to be UV-resistant to prevent fading and maintain the covers’ appearance over time.
  • Manufacturing:
    The manufacturing process involved precision cutting and heat-welding techniques to create covers that perfectly fit over the charging ports.
  • Quality Control:
    Rigorous quality control checks were conducted throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the covers met the specified dimensions, branding requirements, and durability standards.
  • Successful Deployment:
    The PVC covers were successfully used at the NEC Birmingham and Gosport services, where they garnered positive feedback from EVN staff.

The collaboration between Stuart Canvas Group and The EV Network resulted in the successful development and deployment of PVC covers for electric car charging ports. These covers not only provided essential protection during the pre-installation phase but also contributed to The EV Network brand visibility and the overall professional appearance of their charging infrastructure.

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