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New 6 Bay Motorised Cover System for H+H

Stuart Canvas was recently approached by H+H the UK’s largest manufacturer of aircrete blocks & systems. The company required a solution for keeping the raw ingredients used during manufacture protected from poor weather conditions. H+H’s state-of-the-art site is the most modern and efficient aircrete factory in Europe, the raw material was stored in 6 conjoining bays. Stuart Canvas designed a solution which would allow the bays to be covered while being able to retract the covers when required.

bay tunnels front by stuart canvas
All 6 bays fully extended

The tunnel system uses custom-made steel framework tracking which allows for quick deployment and retraction. Each tunnel can be operated individually allowing each tunnel to be positioned according to the level of raw material being stored. This design also allows for the tunnels to be partially retracted to allow for the loading and off-loading of raw material. Each tunnel features custom made gutter units that allow for excess water to be directed away from each bay.

The system installed at H+H also featured a new motorised system pioneered by Stuart Canvas which allows the cover to be retraced over the top of each bay quickly and efficiently with a single push of a button. This system creates a watertight seal to protect the material underneath the tunnel.

At Stuart Canvas we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing Bay Covers and Retractable Aggregate Tunnels. By utilising Kader our systems allow for larger tunnels to be produced more efficiently and economically. The system consists of individual PVC panels, typically 1.1m wide which are produced to the same width of each pentagraph centre of the tunnel frame. Each panel is sewn with the Keder on both sides and high frequency welded to create a waterproof seal.

To find out more or to see how we can provide a solution to your covering need view our Aggregate Bay webpage or please contact us

New Bay Tunnel Project for Persimmon Homes

Stuart Canvas has recently completed a project with one of the UK largest builders of new homes, Persimmon....

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