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How To Get A Cricket Pitch That’s Cream Of The Crop

We all know that a good game of cricket can entirely depend on the condition of the pitch so, to give your team the best chance this season and maximise playing time we’ve compiled our best pitch keeping practices so that with our sound advice, you won’t have to miss out on playing time.

It’s vital that you conduct a soil analysis before treating any pitch to identify the nutrient status of the soil you are working with and to help you select an appropriate fertiliser and begin an annual programme of maintenance.  At this time of year, you should be opting for a spring/summer fertiliser that can be applied in the evening, this will help with the top growth of your pitch. It’s best practice to prepare your pitch 10-12 days before the first cricket match of the season, providing your pitch has not suffered from grass diseases such as Fusarium or Red Thread, which may take longer to treat by a specialist.

As the temperatures increase over the summer months, it’s essential to have plenty of water available for irrigating the pitch. To ensure the water is penetrating the root zone, irrigation must be carried out routinely with the entire pitch receiving the same amount of water regularly to encourage deep rooting and promote the health of the plant. After watering and probing the pitch, allow the area to dry and repeat the irrigation process.

Before the first game of the season, have the grass cut regularly at 6mm, remove debris daily and begin rolling the grass in line with the direction of play. When the game has finished, sweep off any surface debris and begin repairing the wicket by brushing it, followed by scarifying with a rake to remove further debris without damaging the surface area of the wicket.  Finish your maintenance routine by germinating areas where the grass is weak, sparse or bare. Use new seeds now that the temperatures have picked up and cover with a germination sheet when the pitch is not in use. Remember to remove Germination sheets regularly to check for disease.

Using the correct cover
When the season starts it’s important to protect your pitch so that it maximises the playing potential and that’s why we offer cricket flat sheets to protect the wicket from exposure to too much rain, sun and debris and a cut down on the time it takes to prepare your wicket before a game, as the flat sheet is quick and easy to manoeuvre on and off the pitch.

By following this mini maintenance guide, you should have a happy, healthy pitch in no time that will literally put a spring in your bowl.  If you need further information on maintaining your pitch or you would like to invest in a cricket cover, get in touch with our friendly team on 01925 814 525.

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