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Interceptor Protection

Stuart Canvas was recently approached by Lancashire Fire and Rescue, as they needed a solution to protect an oil interceptor at their facilities. An oil interceptor works by separating oil from water, they function as a trap for rainwater runoff where oil is present and prevent the oil from polluting the soil and the water courses.

The Stuart Canvas team conducted a site visit to determine the best method of achieving the result that Lancashire Fire and rescue required. The Cover needed to protect the top of the interceptor tank to allow water to pass through but to eliminate foreign debris from entering the tank. The cover would also need to stay at tension, as previous covers had suffered from sagging in the middle.oil interceptor

The team at Stuart Canvas created a solution using 370gsm PVC mesh material, which strops debris while remaining permeable to rainwater. Eyebolts were used to secure the cover into concrete blocks placed on the outside of the interceptor, this kept the tension on the cover to ensure that sagging does not occur. High tension webbing straps were used to create a durable and secure fitting, these were fixed along the cover every meter. They were also coloured in bright orange to avoid a trip hazard.

oil interceptor

Stuart Canvas expert teams can find the best solution for all bespoke covering projects.

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