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Stuart Canvas Produces Gowns for the NHS

Stuart Canvas a leading bespoke manufacturer of Retractable Tunnels and Industrial Covers, with clients Including the MoD and Siemens, has diversified its manufacturing to assist the NHS.

The company’s normal production of Sports, Military, Stillage and Large Machine protection among other products has now been accompanied by a new range of products for the medical industry in a direct response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Stuart Canvas has turned its decades of expertise in sewing and welding textiles, to produce PPE equipment. As the demand for PPE in hospitals has grown, Stuart Canvas was able to turn its hand to producing protective Gowns for NHS staff. These essential pieces of protective kit are in high demand and Stuart Canvas is able to use its manufacturing capacity in its state-of-the-art facilities in Warrington and Sheffield, to produce large scale manufacturing runs of the protective gowns.

“ We are proud to be able to produce PPE equipment that helps the UK’s brave NHS staff at a time of national response. Our highly skilled staff are delighted that they can transfer their textile engineering skills to projects that help the country’s keyworkers .”  – Ed Stoddart, CEO Stuart Canvas Group.


At a time when sporting events on pause the company is also producing other products for the medical sector, including; Cubical Curtains, PPE, PVC Aprons, Body Bags and Storage Bags.  The company’s manufacturing capacity and expertise can also be used to produce other required products and to aid other UK manufacturers to meet the demand caused by Covid-19.

New Canopies for Shambles Market

Stuart Canvas has recently in been involved in the renovation of the historic Shambles Market in York,...

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