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Manchester City Football Club

Introducing Manchester City FC

Manchester City FC are one of the biggest Football Clubs in the world. Following their return to the Premiership in 2000, the football club has gone from strength to strength. The club moved from the Maine Road ground in 2003 to the impressive Etihad Stadium in Manchester.

About the Etihad/City of Manchester Stadium

The Etihad Stadium, also known as the City of Manchester Stadium, has a domestic football capacity of over fifty-five thousand people. It is the fourth largest football ground in the Premier League and the eighth largest in the United Kingdom.

The stadium has received many awards and accolades. These include awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2004 and the Institution of Structural Engineers in 2003. The praise for the stadium didn’t stop there, nor did the ambition of the developers or the football club. In 2015, a third tier on the South Stand was completed. There is speculation that the stadium’s capacity will grow again in 2018, reaching over sixty-one thousand.

The stadium has received a large amount of investment since construction began and following the Commonwealth Games in 2002. The stadium was converted and expanded into a multi-purpose stadium. The stadium is leased by Manchester City Football Club who have continued to invest heavily in the facilities. Whilst it is the home of Manchester City Football Club, the venue can also host a number of other events too.

Continued investment & facilities at the Etihad

Many excellent facilities have been added along the way. Facilities include six themed restaurants, extensive catering amenities, 70 executive boxes, a premium pitch drainage system and under-pitch heating. More recently, Manchester City players will enjoy improved medical facilities, larger showers and an “in-the-round” space for that all-important pre-game pep talk.
The Etihad Stadium is an impressive structure, with excellent facilities. It offers a truly premier experience for visitors and fans alike.

Stuart Canvas Retractable Players Tunnel

The retractable player’s tunnel would offer the players protection from any potential falling objects when players are walking onto the pitch. It also offers a premium extension to the facilities at the Etihad Stadium.

Stuart Canvas have worked with Manchester City Football club on a number of tunnel projects. They have provided several retractable tunnels for the club, including the academy and main stadium.
Stuart Canvas have over 45 years’ experience in manufacturing, constructing and installing high quality products and structures. Many of which are custom-made or bespoke for the client.

Manchester City Football Club have a relationship spanning over 3 years with Stuart Canvas. As a result of experiencing their service and products before, they could be confident that Stuart Canvas could provide them with an excellent extension for their glass tunnel.

Stuart Canvas have provided retractable player’s tunnels for a number of high profile football clubs. They have also provided retractable tunnels for other industries including energy, education and manufacturing, amongst others.

Stuart Canvas tunnels are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. They can be fixed, free-standing or retractable, with sunken or floor mounted tracking. The dedicated Research and Development team can find you a solution to unusual covering issues or requirements you may have.

Designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing a Retractable Players Tunnel


Craig Groves from Stuart Canvas worked closely with Manchester City Football club on this project to ensure he fully understood any constraints or limitations the client had.

In projects such as these Stuart Canvas are happy to provide CAD drawings and concepts. These are provided ahead of manufacturing in order to ensure both client side and the manufacturing team are aligned in their ideas. In addition, this sign off from both parties can make certain project delivery is on-time and efficient.

To find our more about our complete indoor sports hall netting systems and our services plans, please contact: [email protected]

Manufacturing & Printing

The structure’s fixtures and fitting will be largely produced in-house for a project like this. Consequently, the manufacturing of the cover for the frame will usually begin simultaneously with the frame to ensure best use of time.
Stuart Canvas are able to provide a printing service on many products and covers. Not only does printing assist in enforcing your brand image, but can also present lucrative sponsorship opportunities. In this case, printing was not required however if you are interested in these services find out more here, or contact us.

Delivery & Installation

Delivery and installation are arranged at a time that is convenient for both client and the installation team. Installation will be completed by our dedicated installation team, The installation team have worked on projects across a number of industries, in a variety of environments. The team pride their selves on working in a safe and professional manner, and will always adhere to any processes or safety procedures you may have in place. Stuart Canvas are committed to ensuring a safe and professional working environment, regardless of location.

Post Installation

Once the retractable player’s tunnel has been completed and installed, Stuart Canvas are dedicated to providing an excellent aftercare service. They will be happy to help you with any inquiries you may have.

Communication is key to a project running efficiently from start to completion. That’s why our team our team will communicate with you regularly, from first contact, to completion and beyond to ensure the service you experience and products provided to you exceed your expectations.

Maintaining your Retractable Players Tunnel

Maintenance of your installation is imperative to ensuring longevity and optimum performance of your structure.

Stuart Canvas provide onsite training on the operation of all structures. In addition, they will recommend the appropriate method of cleaning and maintenance to suit each tunnel installation.

Review of Manchester City’s Retractable Players Tunnel

Following the installation of the Retractable Player’s Tunnel, the result is excellent. The tunnel can be seen in the gallery below.

Both the club and Stuart Canvas are delighted with the tunnel. Stuart Canvas are excited to see the new facilities come together and look forward to a long relationship working with Manchester City on a wide variety of projects. For now, Manchester City We’ve Got You Covered.

If you’re interested in seeing the Retractable Player’s Tunnel alongside the new facilities, you can discover a number of stadium tours available here. You won’t be disappointed!

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