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The Benefits of Cricket Nets

Whether you’re new to the game or practically part of the cricket field, there are certain pieces of equipment that are integral to helping you up your game or even getting you up to standard for the game in the first place – and cricket netting is one of those essentials.  Not only does netting save you loads of time that would otherwise be spent chasing after a run-away ball or indeed losing cricket balls altogether, but it also increases the level of safety during batting and bowling training sessions and allows you to practise when the Great British weather comes rolling in.

Picture this, you’ve been counting down the days until the weekend to get some practise in and it’s a gloriously sunny day when you get up, that is, until you are ready to head out the door and the rain begins to pour down. If your club has a sheltered practising facility with PVC netting, then it’s the perfect way to get hours of training in whether you’re a batter, bowler or all-rounder as the weather won’t affect the facilities.  Here’s another common scenario, you haven’t practised in a while and you can tell it’s affecting both your game on the field and your fitness levels. To make matters worse, your team mates are unavailable to put in the extra hours with you to help you catch up. A netted facility means you can put in hours of practise alone working on your swing, without having to run the breadth of the field to gather your cricket ball again.

Our netted facilities are a staple amongst our customers and always will be where practising facilities are concerned. This is mainly down to their durability thanks to the strong PVC material we use to create the netting that means they can easily withstand the pressure and speed of cricket balls as well as being fully weatherproof.  Here at Stuart Canvas we are renowned for our high-quality cricket products, installations and tailoring our bespoke products to meet your every need. We can provide everything from non-turf practise facilities to catching nets. If you require a quote, contact our team now: [email protected].

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