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The grass is greener at Barnes Sports Club

Discover how Stuart Canvas installed an SCP Deluxe System at Barnes Sports Club.

About Barnes Sports Club

Since 1919 Barnes Sports Club has been providing excellent sports facilities. Barnes Sports Club lies next to the River Thames on Lonsdale Road in West London. It is in a stunning location, matched by excellent facilities including a cricket pitch, squash courts and tennis courts.

The club had an antiquated, non-retractable cricket net layout installed. The non-retractable cricket net was unfortunately interfering with the existing tennis courts and main cricket ground.

Barnes Sports Club identified the need to invest in a facility which would accommodate the club’s growing number of members. The club recognised the importance of providing excellent facilities to their members, particularly the 200 junior members -more notably the potential future stars of sports.

Premium facilities add incredible value to a club. Drawing in more members plays a pivotal part in developing and growing talent. Premium training facilities also prepare members for a professional future playing on world-class grounds.

The solution: SCP Deluxe System

Stuart Canvas Products (SCP) are no stranger to providing excellent, high-quality, high-performance training facilities. Consequently, Barnes Sports Club recognised Stuart Canvas as someone who could provide this.

The solution? The SCP Deluxe System.
Stuart Canvas worked with Barnes Sports Club to design a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area/surface for sports activities) facility. The facility was to be 40x20m in size. The facilities also included 5 metres of netting surrounding the playing area, plus vermin skirts. Plus, the addition of four-lane retractable cricket net area to truly maximise the use of the space.

With a wealth of experience in this area, Stuart Canvas can provide a bespoke service, designing, constructing and installing facilities. The location of Barnes Sports Club meant it was essential the SCP Deluxe System fitted in with the aesthetics of the local area. Such structure and training facilities mustn’t cause any disruptions or encroach on the community. In order to address this, Stuart Canvas installed extra sound barriers to help protect residents from any noise pollution. They also used custom made, Stuart Canvas Premier Tension Nets and retractable nets.
As you can see from the photograph above, the SCP Deluxe System is well matched to it’s surroundings and is a welcome addition to the community.

The SCP Deluxe System is an England Cricket Board (ECB) approved system.

If your training system is in need of a refresh, Stuart Canvas are able to offer repair and refurbishment service. With correct maintenance, a non-turf pitch can be expected to last over 20 years. Find out more about Stuart Canvas Non-Turf Pitches (NTP) and training facilities here.

How to maintain an artificial turf or SCP Deluxe System?

Your SCP Deluxe System is built to last, with minimal maintenance. However, a small amount of regular maintenance will ensure longevity and continued optimum performance. Follow our hints and tips below to keep you artificial turf in excellent condition.

  1. Brush the turf with a stiff brush every weekly, particularly in areas where the turf may experience excessive usage. This will raise the pile and keep the carpet looking full of life.
  2. Keep the playing surface clean by removing debris and leaves from the surface
  3. Regularly removing weeds by hand is best practice when it comes to artificial turf. However in cases where an appropriate chemical treatment may be required domestic weed killer can be used without damaging the surface. Do not use oil based treatment as this may cause damage
  4. The base may some movement over years of use. When this happens you may need to lift the carpets and shockpads and re-level the base
  5. Suitable footwear must always be worn on the artificial turf. Unsuitable footwear such as blades and metal studs may damage the surface

If you have anymore questions regarding the SCP Deluxe System you can email us with an inquiry here.

Review of the SCP Deluxe System

Following the installation of the SCP Deluxe System at Barnes Cricket Club the playing area has doubled in size. This is a direct result of the improved design and playing facilities.
The club has also invested in a bowling machine. With the extra space the club can effectively train all of the junior members in the nets at one time. This has doubled the potential of practice and sports for members and has truly added value for the club.

The system enables the bowler to have an 18-metre run up on the same surface, whilst allowing the tennis club members safe access to the court. In addition, the artificial surface is also ideal for the netball team to train too.

The new facilities also offer the cricket coaches a high-quality surface on which to play and train the members.

It really is a multi-sport, multi-purpose solution perfect for a club like Barnes Sports Club. It’s an investment which will be effective in bringing in new interest.

With this calibre of training facility, Barnes Sports Club now has the opportunity to gain extra revenue. Renting out the grounds to schools and clubs looking for professional-standard facilities can offer a new revenue stream.
Enhancing your club with premium facilities is an excellent way for a sports club to reach its true potential and set itself aside from other clubs.

As a result, the future looks great for Barnes Sports Club and their members. The SCP Deluxe System has increased their potential to become one of the top sports clubs in London. The grass truly is greener at Barnes Sports Club.

You can learn more about the SCP Deluxe System here or contact us for more information.

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