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Protecting your kit during unpredictable seasons

We all know the importance of looking after your belongings properly to increase their longevity and if you are a cricketer this will never ring truer. To avoid equipment and product break-down from poor storage we’ve written a round-up on how to get the best out of your equipment during the summer months and how your equipment should be stored when the winter months come rolling in.

If you’ve invested in our flat sheets or frost covers you will want to go to every effort to avoid any accidental damage to your investment. You’ll also want to avoid packing-up your sheet when it is still wet. If you need to remove your flat sheet from the ground and it’s still wet, we recommend that you peg it up somewhere that it can drip-dry so that it can then be carefully wrapped-up when it’s completely dry.

The most common form of accidental damage is from the studs of cricket boots and tears from snagging on gravel and concrete. Make sure that your cover is carefully wrapped up in a dry location during active matches and training sessions away from areas that accidents are likely to occur and away from any sharp materials.

If you want to avoid any accidental damage to the sheet over the storage months, keep it off the ground level where any small animals may easily access it and ensure that you store it carefully in a storage bag only when the sheet is fully dry to avoid any mould or damp issues developing.

After your last game of the season, or when the flat sheet is no longer actively required, we would suggest that you brush off any debris that may be on the sheet and wipe it over with a clean mop to make life easier when the next season rolls around. This is the best practise for prolonging the life of your flat sheet and ensuring it is ready for the next season.

In the event that your sheet has got damaged accidentally, we have repair kits available that will help with minor issues and small repairs that can be amended by you on site. If your sheet has got ripped or torn we suggest that you bring it to us to repair in our factory.

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