County Cricket Batting Cage


  • Equipped with four front swivels and two rear fixed puncture-proof wheels
  • One-piece netting option, available in 2mm or 3mm
  • Manufactured from galvanized box section steel


The County Cricket Batting Cage is your go-to solution for versatile and mobile cricket practice. Measuring 7.5m long x 3.6m wide x 3m high, this batting cage offers ample space for honing your cricket skills. What sets it apart is its unparalleled mobility, thanks to large caster wheels that allow easy movement by just two people. Once in the desired position, secure the cage effortlessly with simple pegs, providing stability for focused practice sessions.

The robust construction, crafted from galvanized box section steel, ensures durability and longevity. The cage is equipped with 4 front swivels and 2 rear fixed puncture-proof wheels, guaranteeing ease of use. To complete the package, the County Batting Cage comes with a one-piece netting option, available in 2mm or 3mm thickness, providing a comprehensive solution for your cricket training needs. Elevate your batting practice with the perfect combination of mobility, durability, and convenience.

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2mm, 3mm