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New Players Tunnel for Sheffield Wednesday FC

In the dynamic world of professional football, every detail counts. From the pitch to the stands, the atmosphere of a football match is carefully curated to enhance the overall experience for players and fans alike. Stuart Canvas Group, a leading manufacturer in sports ground equipment, recently had the honor of working with Sheffield Wednesday, one of the most iconic football clubs in England. The mission: to design, manufacture, and install a retractable player tunnel that not only met the club’s functional needs but also seamlessly integrated with their brand identity.

The Challenge:

Sheffield Wednesday, a club with a rich history and a loyal fan base, approached Stuart Canvas Group with a unique challenge. They needed a retractable player tunnel that not only provided a secure and streamlined entry for the players but also reflected the club’s distinct white and blue branding. Additionally, the tunnel has to feature a wheeled system, ensuring stability and reliability during its operation.


The Stuart Canvas design team collaborated closely with Sheffield Wednesday to understand their vision and brand requirements. The result was a 7-meter long retractable player tunnel, carefully crafted in the club’s signature white and blue colors. The attention to detail extended beyond the colours, with the club’s logo or sponsors integrated into the tunnel sides via changeable velcro squares, creating a tunnel that was not just functional but also a visual representation of the club’s identity.


The manufacturing process at Stuart Canvas Group is a blend of cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship. The retractable player tunnel for Sheffield Wednesday was no exception. The team meticulously fabricated each component, ensuring precision and durability. The system was engineered to meet the highest standards, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable operation every time the tunnel was deployed.


With the custom retractable player tunnel in hand, the installation team at Stuart Canvas Group traveled to Hillsborough, the historic home of Sheffield Wednesday. The installation process was seamless, thanks to the careful planning and coordination between the manufacturing and installation teams. The fixed-ground tracking system was integrated flawlessly, and the tunnel was ready for action.

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