stuart canvas test flat sheet

Test Flat Sheets

The Test Cricket Cover is made from 350gsm textile reinforced PVC, designed to let in light without ‘burning’ the grass whilst being treated to withstand damage by fungicides and bactericides, thus prolonging the life of the square.  This material has been developed & is exclusively produced for us , so be mindful of imitations in the marketplace.

Over the years we have made the sheets lighter to make handling easier, whilst still retaining sufficient weight and strength to counteract high winds.

We can also offer a foam collar around the cover using an outlet at the corner of the sheet, to allow water to drain from the cover.

Purchased previously by Lords , Kent CCC , Old Trafford , Headingley and Sussex CCC.

Care and Maintenance

View our care and maintenance guide to ensure you get the best out of your Flat Sheets.

Flat Sheet Maintenance & Care pdf


As with all our flat sheets, if they are not treated with respect and care and stored away dry, damage may occur.

Should damage occur customers are invited to purchase Test material together with glue to enable them to repair the damage themselves.  The materials are all available from our shop.

The main benefits of the Test Cricket Cover are:

Strength – All the covers are manufactured from textile reinforced material incorporating anti-bacteriological and fungicidal chemicals.

Durability – Each of our covers has a good lifespan (dependant on how it is treated on site).

Easy to use – All covers come complete with reinforced grab handles allowing the cover to be pulled on and off the pitch easily.

UV stabilised  – The Test cricket cover will not discolour quickly.

Transparent –  Allows sunlight through.

Made to Measure –  All Covers are made to customers requirements.

Sustainability – Cover may be left on the ground for a period of days.


We have a variety of pegs available to suit every ground and budget available in our online shop.

NatWest Cricket ForceStuart Canvas Cricket is proud to be an official supporter of NatWest CricketForce, having been an official supporter since its inception.   Our range of cricket ground products are designed to help both small and large cricket clubs get the most out of their ground.  Our dedicated team are cricket players and enthusiasts and understand the needs of cricket clubs of all sizes, we are here to help you enjoy the beautiful game of cricket.

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