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Military Vehicle Covers

Stuart Canvas design, manufacture and supply military covers to the defence market. We supply custom made vehicle covers, environmental protection covers and transport covers for a wide range of vehicle platforms. We can source a broad range of materials to suit all climatic conditions, and offer continuity for enabling contracts, large run projects, and have also supplied items for UOR’s ( urgent operational requirements) contracts. Stuart Canvas offers a wealth of experience and can advise on the best solution for storage protection, installation, removal and logistics handling.

Specially designed to provide superior protection for vehicles and equipment during storage and transportation. All covers are available as partial or full coverage and are designed to ensure maximum ergonomic and aesthetic function. Stuart Canvas design practices consider all elements of product application, incorporate detailed fabric and components selection to ensure we provide the best functionality and protection when our covers are deployed.

Military vehicle covers available:-


*Designs can be adapted to suit any platform, the above is an indication of the type of platforms we have covered so far. Covers / Systems are designed and manufactured bespoke to each platform.

One of the many contracts we have recently completed for the MOD was for the environmental protection of vehicles. We were tasked by the MOD to develop a covering ‘system’ which had to be an innovative design allowing installation and removal of the covers within 20 minutes. The system we developed was lightweight, provided internal and external protection and was durable enough to withstand harsh climates during transit or storage.

We adopted an internal solution utilising VCI’s (Volatile Corrosive Inhibitors) which are used to prevent anti-corrosion and ideal for this type of application, especially effective for long-term storage. The VCI’s are easy to install and remove from the covers and provide long-lasting protection.  We also offer storage pouches to allow VCI’s to be securely fixed to suit all platform or container types.

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