Inspection Pit Covers

Stuart Canvas have created a solution to safeguard open pits for commercial inspections.

This product is to prevent anyone passing easily falling into the open pits causing injury or death. This is an issue we have found across the automotive industry.

Stuart Canvas devised a system where the runner of a retractable tunnel would run along the pit jack guide thus making it easy to deploy, fit for purpose and safe for employees working in the immediate area. One end of the tunnel is fixed to uprights which are fixed in socket in the ground, this makes it easy to remove the tunnel should the need arise.

The tunnel can be powder coated in whatever colour you want.


It is important that a retractable tunnel or temporary structure is subject to correct use and maintenance while in use.

Retractable Tunnel & Temporary Structure Maintenance & Guidelines 2020

Retractable Tunnel & Temporary Structure Check List 2020

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