Football & Rugby Pitch Ground Covers

Frost Covers

Stuart Canvas provide Football ground covers that are perfect against frost protection. Due to the increasingly severe weather conditions, many games across the UK are being abandoned. These frost covers allow matches to proceed, reducing the chance of costly abandonments. Our frost covers would also be a great addition to your training ground, allowing players to continue to train during periods of frosty weather.

Our frost covers can be manufactured as a single skin to a triple skin cover depending on the level of protection and insulation required. They are manufactured from a 130gsm or a 190gsm geotextile material and come complete with reinforced hems and eyelets for pegging down. Our frost covers are available as ‘flat sheets’ or on an ‘inflatable roller’ system. These rollers require less labour and allow the frost covers to be deployed quickly and easily, you can find a demonstration below on how our rollers are inflated. These frost covers also help to retain heat when used on a heated pitch system.

As well as supplying frost covers to many of the top football and rugby clubs across the UK, we also supply these made to measure covers to racecourses, equestrian centres and tennis clubs. These frost covers can also double up as debris cover to protect your playing surface from leaves, twigs and other natural debris.

Rain Covers 

We have supplied sets of football ground rain covers to Premiership and Championship football clubs. These covers are made to measure to suit each individual club’s requirements and will protect the surface from adverse weather. These easy-to-use covers are simple to apply, remove and store. For a demonstration on what we can do for your club please contact us

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