Gazebo Bespoke Cover In Canvas

Bespoke Gazebo Covers

Our Gazebo covers can be produced from Polyester backed canvas or PVC depending on what look and durability you are looking for.  Both materials come in a variety of colours to allow the covers to stand out and make a statement, or to blend into the garden’s surroundings.

Depending on what framework your gazebo framework is, we recommend different fixings for metal and wooden gazebos:

Wooden Framework
We would recommend turn buttons, these fixings come in two parts. The first part is screwed into the framework, the second part is on the cover. Once these parts are put together, this allows the first fixing to be turned which secures the cover in place.  Eyelets can also be produced on these covers, hooks will need to be purchased to accommodate the eyelets which will screw into the framework

Metal Framework
We would recommend Velcro tabs, this fixing uses hook and loop Velcro which would wrap around the framework and secure together. Eyelets can also be produced on these covers, rope/shockcord will need to be purchased to thread through each eyelet whilst wrapping around the framework.

Optional Extras

Clear PVC
Gazebo Panels can be produced using clear PVC to allow natural daylight through. This can be provided as a full panel with a canva/pvc border around, or as a window.

Please note if a full clear PVC panel is required, this will shrink and expand depending on the temperature.

We can also provide zips or Velcro to allow access whilst the covers are in place.  Buckles can also be produced at the top of the covers to allow the panels to be rolled up during summer months.  We are able to reproduce to any existing template and we offer site surveys to assist with product development.

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