Stuart Canvas Frost Cover

Pitch Frost Covers

We provide football pitch frost covers that are ideal for frost prevention. Our covers allow both practice and matches to go ahead even night frost. The covers help reduce the chance of costly rescheduled or cancelled matches. The frost covers ware also perfect for the training ground, allowing training to continue during periods of frosty weather.

The frost covers can be manufactured as a single skin, double skin or even a triple skin depending on the level of protection required. They are manufactured from a 130gsm material and have reinforced hems and eyelets to give the cover longevity. The covers are available as ‘flat sheets’ or can come on an ‘inflatable roller’. The rollers require less labour and allow the frost covers to be deployed quickly and easily. For more information please see the video demonstration of them being deployed. These frost covers also help to retain heat when used on a heated pitch system.

We also supply these made to measure covers to racecourses and equestrian centres. The frost covers can also double up as debris cover to protect your playing surface from leaves, twigs and other natural debris.

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