Artificial Surface Maintenance

While a relatively low maintenance product, synthetic playing surfaces nonetheless require regular maintenance to ensure longevity and continued optimum performance. We recommend that the pitch is brushed with a stiff brush every week in the high wear areas, to raise the pile and add life to the carpet. Every few years, the base may move or undulate due to use. When this happens, the carpet and shockpads will need to be lifted and the base re-levelled. Play may then continue.

Maintenance recommendations are designed to ensure the following:  Artificial Circlet Surface

  • The playing surface is kept clean
  • The playing surface gives a consistently high performance
  • The surface water drains freely for the life of the pitch
  • The pitch appears pristine at all times

These objectives are achieved by:

  • Regularly removing leaves and other debris from the surface
  • Regular brushing in the high wear areas
  • Diligent use of appropriate chemicals to treat weeds when needed


Leaves, tree debris, pine needles and detritus should not be allowed to remain on the surface for any length of time. Allowing this results in decay forming a drainage inhabiting barrier within the surface, and providing a growing medium for algae, moss and weeds.

The frequency for brushing and cleaning is recommended, but if the pitch is heavily used it will be necessary to brush and clean more frequently. A stiff broom or mechanical brush is best.


It is important to ensure that suitable cricket footwear is used at all times. Metal studs or blades must not be used.


No matter how much care is taken, weeds may occasionally appear on the surface – usually as a result of wind-blown seeds or spores. Small numbers of weeds can be removed by hand without damaging the surface. Localised areas of self-set weeds can be treated with domestic weed killers without causing damage to the surface of the pitch. Oil-based weed killers must not be used.