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Umpire Chairs

Stuart Canvas can manufacture to your requirements umpire chairs.  We have several standard chairs and these are

The Championship Wooden Umpire Chair
This chair is as used at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. The chairs comes with the umpires tray, saw dust box, wheels and axles and all made from the same wood as per the Championships Chairs.  The chair is made from Redwood and measure 2.7m high by 1.46m deep.

Standard Wooden Umpire Chair
This chair is main from Redwood and is hand painted to a colour of your choice. It measures 1.93m high by 1.4m deep. The seat sits at 1.5m high. It comes with a umpires table as standard.

Standard Steel Umpire chair
We can make standard steel umpire chairs as used at the Wimbledon Qualifying event. This steel chairs are powder coated to whatever colour you so wish. They come with a sturdy base and a plastic seat along with a umpire tray. They measure 2m high by 1.4m deep.

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