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Tracked Sight Screens

Here at Stuart Canvas we can manufacture sightscreens to suit your specific ground. We have recently launched our new tracked sightscreen which is ideal for cricket grounds that do not have enough space to have traditional screens.

The tracked screens are easy and quick to install and are simple to use. (Take a look at our video) We can manufacture these screens to whatever length and height that you require.

The tracked sightscreen may be moved easily by just one person and the slats may easily be removed at the end of a game. The ease of the tracked sightscreen with the reduced amount of space it requires , makes it a unique sightscreen in the cricket ground equipment sector.

On top of this it does not require any ground foundations or concrete footings , as the track is kept in place with 600mm spiral hurricane ground anchors. The system is simple to install and may be installed by your own club , to help reduce costs.

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