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  • Designed specifically for use with tarpaulins and the trailer industry, these toggles are made from polypropylene with a textile rubber core for extra stretch and are available in 3 colour options (white, black or white\black) and 2 sizes (100mm or 150mm).  Sold in packs of 20 or 30.
  • Polypropylene Rope

    Our 7mm and 10mm blue polypropylene rope is a general purpose rope with hundreds of uses in the home, garden,  agriculture boating or industry. Perfect for using in conjunction with our tarpaulins, our range of differing rope thicknesses come in a handy 30 metre mini coil and a larger 220 meter coils.
  • Also known as Bungee Cord, this product is used to secure the mobile cover top to the frame of the mobile cricket cover.  Supplied in black, in 8mm or 10mm thickness and can be purchased per 10 metre length.
  • Silo Sand Bags

    £1.50 £1.80 Inc. VAT
    Our economy handy silo/sandbags are designed to be easy to use and are self fill able to allow you to control the weight of the filling, making these the ideal purchase for weighing down sheeting or other items securely. One set size of 0.27m wide by 1.2m long. Please note this is sold as a bag only and is not filled.
    • HDPE tape/monofilament fabric
    • 210gsm
    • Size: 0.27m x 1.2m long
    • Pull cord and tear resistant handle (1200 N)
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