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  • Cover Repair Package (Small)

    £16.00 £19.20 Inc. VAT
    As with all our products, if they are not treated with respect and care and stored away dry, damage may occur.  If damage does occur we can offer customers to purchase glue and offcuts of material to repair the items themselves. Our small repair package comes with 250ml of specialist PVC glue, suitable for small rips and holes in a PVC cover.  We also supply PVC offcuts which can be used on the underside of a cover to patch any holes. Please contact us to specify the colour of offcuts that you require. This glue can be used on the following products:
    • Test Flat Sheet
    • Mobile Cover Tops
    • Bespoke PVC Covers
    • Trailer Covers (PVC)
    • Furniture Cover (PVC)
    Call us for more information.
  • Additional or replacement eyelets for use with our Eyelet Replacement Kit.  Supplied in packs of 10.  Ideal for replacing or adding eyelets to, mobile cricket cover tops, cricket flat sheets and general use tarpaulins.
  • Geka Blanks (Packs of 6)

    £18.00 £21.60 Inc. VAT
    The Blank Geka is to stop water from coming from the gutter on our Mobile Cricket Covers.  Supplied in a pack of 6.
  • Geka Hosetails (Packs of 6)

    £18.00 £21.60 Inc. VAT
    This fixing is to attach the hose to allow water to pass through on our Mobile Cricket Covers.  Supplied as a pack of 6.
  • Geka Threaded (Packs of 6)

    £21.00 £25.20 Inc. VAT
    The Threaded geka is a connector for the hosetail and blank end geka to attach to on our Mobile Cricket Covers.  Supplied in a pack of 6.
  • Gekas Rubber Seals (Packs of 12)

    £4.80 £5.76 Inc. VAT
    Used to be placed into gekas.  Supplied in packs of 12.
  • Mobile Cricket Cover Fixed Wheel

    £22.00 £26.40 Inc. VAT
    Fixed Wheels for Mobile Cricket Covers.  Price per single product.
  • Mobile Cricket Cover Set

    £3,500.00 £4,200.00 Inc. VAT
    Over the last 20 years we have listened to the suggestions from club, school and county ground staff and have worked to change and improve our design to ensure that today our mobile covers are some of the best on the market. As many town and village cricket clubs only use one grounds person (or none at all), it is imperative that individual sections of the mobile cricket covers are easily manoeuvrable, which is why our modular design is ideal for clubs and schools of all sizes. All of our mobile cricket cover units come with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee and a 10 year structural warranty.  Guarantee / Warranty excludes miss-use, vandalism and fair wear and tear. Delivery and Installation: All our covers are made to order, our standard lead time is 2-8 weeks depending on the time of year.  Our sales team will be able to advise the current lead time.  Please contact us for more information.  
    7.3m Standard Set
    Size Three 7.3m x 4m units
    Puncture Proof Wheels 6 Fixed and 6 Swivel
    Tricoflex Hose 6 Fixed and 6 Swivel
    Attachment Kit Optional Extra (not included)
    Delivery and Installation Included -Please contact us for lead time (2-8weeks)
    Colour Green (other colour available please contact for more info)
  • Mobile Cricket Cover Wheel

    £18.00 £21.60 Inc. VAT
    Replacement wheel for mobile cricket covers & cricket batting cages.  Price per single product.
  • Replacement Swivel Wheels for Mobile Cricket Covers and Batting Cages. Made to the same specification as all swivel wheels used on Stuart Canvas products Price is ex-vat and per single wheel.   Batting Cage Whee;
  • Genuine Green Tricoflex Superior hose is used on our 7.3m and 8m Mobile Units and supplied in 25m lengths.
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