Carpets & Shockpads

Stuart Canvas is proud to offer a range of Non-Turf Carpets & Shockpads.  With years of experience in design and installation we make sure we are always ahead of the game using the most up to date materials and technology.

Something Unique?

Our carpet does not only have to be used for cricket purposes, why not use it to brighten up your patio or dining area? With little maintenance, our carpets are perfect for use where the grass doesn’t grow!  Below are images of our Astro Turf being installed at The Shard , in London.


SCP Cricket Pro Carpet

The SCP Deluxe is a tufted carpet, renowned for being one of the highest quality playing surfaces on the market. The SCP Deluxe is non-directional and provides consistent pace and bounce. It is suitable for all levels of cricket.

Life Expectancy 7-10 years
Manufacturer’s Warranty 7 Years
Available Widths 2.74m, 3.66m and 4m

SCP Junior Carpet

The SCP Junior is a non-directional needle punch carpet. It offers great consistency and bounce, at a much lower cost to the SCP Deluxe carpet. It is perfect for junior cricket, but can also be used for senior cricket.

Life Expectancy 4-6 years
Manufacturer’s Warranty 3 Years
Available Widths 2m, 2.74m and 4m

SCP PVC Carpet

The SCP PVC is a heavier weighted carpet which makes it perfect for use on concrete and tarmac surfaces. The SCP PVC is a non-directional needle punch carpet, which offers great play both inside and outside.

Life Expectancy 4-6 years
Manufacturer’s Warranty 3 Years
Available Widths 2m

SCP Bowler Carpet

This carpet is ideal for high wear areas such as bowler run ups. This sand filled needle punch carpet is ideally used with the SCP Bowler Shockpad (below) to help support bowlers joints.

Life Expectancy 6-8 years
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 Years
Available Widths 4m


SCP 12 Batting Shockpad

The SCP 12 performance batting shockpad is the most commonly used of its type. It is tried and tested and offers superb consistency. These are installed underneath the carpet, and are used on the full length of match pitches and the batting end of training facilities.

Life Expectancy 8 – 12 years
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 Years
Available Widths 2.5m and 4m

 SCP Bowler Shockpad

The SCP Bowler shockpad is ideal for the bowlers run up area, as it is thicker than the SCP 12. This gives it a load absorbing ability which offers great support for the bowler’s ankles, knees and lower back.

Life Expectancy 8-12 years
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 Years
Available Widths 4m
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