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Truck Sheeting

Stuart Canvas first ever products were tarpaulins for trucks. To this day we still supply a wide range of flat sheet for low loaders and trailers around the country. Originally the product was canvas but as material science and technology got better more and more companies moved towards PVC which is now more common that the canvas tarpaulins. Canvas still has a space as the material is breathable so if there is a precious cargo that needs to be allowed to breath then this is the best product and you can choose from a variety of different options include rip stop canvas.

We can stencil both canvas and PVC sheeting and all our sheets are made to measure to include any ratchets, ropes, eyelets and reinforced patches. All our sheets are made in our factory in Warrington.

Whatever your trucking sheet requirements contact us so we can help choose the right material and product to suit your specific needs.

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