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Tension Curtains

We have been producing tension curtains for the transport industry for over 40 years. We are not only competitive in the marketplace but have a superb reputation for making well designed and top quality curtains.

Stuart Canvas can manufacture anything from standard curtains to pocketed curtains or bespoke items to suit client needs and requirements. We advise on the the best PVC and the weight of this depends on what is required.

Below are just some examples of the tension curtains that can be made:

Standard Tension Curtains

We can manufacture single skin curtains to measure. They are manufactured from 900 gsm heavy duty cloth (but this can vary according to specification and budget) and are reinforced to requirements. We also offer horizontal and vertical bands to suit the vehicle as well as a choice of locking or non-locking buckles.

Insulation Tension Curtains

These consist of a standard set of curtains which includes insulation material as well as another layer of PVC on the back side of curtain to keep the heat out and cold in the vehicle.

Double Thick Tension Curtains

We manufacture these for extra strength and they are mostly used for the carrying of sawdust. All the roller bands are reinforced for extra strength.

Pocketed Tension Curtains

Stuart Canvas manufacture these curtains to specification, each including three pockets to weave the strap through. These curtains are made from 900 gsm PVC with triple eyelets every two feet. If you require them closer, they can be manufactured to order.

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