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Modular Building Covers

With the modular building sector booming the is a requirement to protect the assets as they travel from their manufacturing location to their end destination. It is widely known that damage will occur in transit of the building is not covered and it is also evident that by using batons and tarps in high winds on the motorways results in torn covers and then damaged buildings. Tarps and batons are generally one of uses and then skipped / sent to land fill which is not that sustainable.

Stuart Canvas have created a solution to not only protect the assets but make sure the cover is resuble time and time again therefore not only protecting your asset but making it a more sustainable product.

We work with many companies to design the right solution for that company. This may be a one or of a multiple but we take the time and care when designing the solution that is correct. We undertand that every company has different requirements and hence why we listen to these.

Our covers are made from a varierty of materials and these depend on the customer requirements and budgets but the mateials vary from PVC to polyethelene.

We also understand that a lot of the modular building might not be shipped from the manufacturing plant straight away and might sit in storage in their yard. As such we would design a cover that would not allow seepage through the roof.  We would make sure that the wind could not rip the cover while allowing access inside the building while the cover was on if required.

We also offer a cleaning and repair service in order to make sure you get the most from you covers. For more information on this please contact us

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