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Stuart Canvas can supply covers to protect Ménages and riding arenas from frost, debris and rain. These made to measure covers allows you to train your horse all year round, and are an excellent addition to any riding arena/ménage.

We have produced racecourse frost covers all over the country, including Cheltenham and Haydock Park. Our racecourse frost covers have saved many meetings from being cancelled which make them a revenue-saving product.

We have the capacity to manufacture equestrian frost covers for take-off and landing areas or any other shaded areas that are prone to frost. If required, we can provide frost covers for an entire racecourse. We can also offer a variety of options to cover your gallops or ménage.

We have developed the equestrian frost cover that allows the grass to breath while the cover is on the ground and will protect the grass from around -4°C.

Our covers can be ordered in the size, weight and thickness that you require.  The thicker the cover the more frost it will keep out but the heavier it becomes. Covers can come with an inflatable roller for quick and efficient installation, removal and storage.

These frost covers can also double up as debris cover to protect your playing arena from leaves, twigs and other natural debris.

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