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Inflatable Tubes

Here at Stuart Canvas, we like to think of innovative ways to make life that little bit easier on and off the pitch. We know that purchasing a large flat sheet cover may be stressful and extremely hard to manoeuvre on and off the pitch, unless the whole cricket team joins in to help!

If that’s not the case and you only have 1 or 2 people available, then the inflatable tube is the perfect solution for you.

Manufactured from 900gsm heavy duty PVC in your choice of colour and 3ft in Diameter, this tube is inflated using a blower which has been adapted to fit the tube. The tube would take minutes to inflate and would require topping up with air, if the tube is kept inflated for a long period of time. The cover is then attached to the tube with velcro, we would recommend an inflatable tube for covers weighing 75kgs and more.

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