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Ifor Williams Trailer Covers

Stuart Canvas can provide Ifor Williams Trailer Covers, in a variety of colours to suit your specific trailer. We can also provide a sketch of the cover if required.

Please find below a price list of the trailers we have manufactured previously:


Trailer NumberCost Excluding VAT
GD 105£100.00
GD 105 EVO 3£179.00
GD 84£89.00
GD 84 Mesh Sides£174.00
GD 85 EVO 3 Mesh Sides£174.00
GD 85 Ramp£92.00
GD 64 Mesh Sides£130.00


Trailer NumberCost Excluding VAT
LM 105£105.00
LM 105 Mesh Sides£177.00
LM 126£113.00
LM 146 G£123.00
LM 146 Mesh Sides£213.00
LM 186 Mesh Sides£226.00
LM 85 Mesh Sides£170.00
LT 105 Mesh Sides£195.00


Trailer NumberCost Excluding VAT
P5E Mesh Sides£96.00
P5E Ramp£59.00
P5E Tail Board£58.00
P6E Mesh Sides£142.00
P6E Ramp£67.00
P6E Tail Board£66.00
P7E Mesh Sides£131.00
P7E Ramp£68.00
P7E Tail Board£66.00
P7E with Ladder Rack£66.00
P8E Mesh Sides£129.00
P8E Tail Board£77.00


Trailer NumberCost Excluding VAT
TT 2515 + Mesh£171.00
TT 3017£99.00
TT 3017 Mesh Sides£176.00
TT 85£107.00
TT 3621 Mesh sides£179.00


The above prices are to suit the below specification:
> 560gsm PVC
> Manufactured in a variety of colours
> Eyelets and 10mm shockcord included
> Delivery £20.00 + VAT

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