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Cutting, Marking & Printing Services

Stuart Canvas are now offering customers to take advantage of our Blackman and White Orion Total Solution Cutter/Plotter for cutting and marking services!

This machine is ideal for volume production on challenging materials and is a great choice for short/long run projects.

The Orion Cutter / Plotter Total Solution’s dynamic performance is available to cut and mark materials, whether using our materials or your own.

Please find a list below of the materials we can supply and cut:

  • PVC
  • Canvas
  • Acrylic Canvas
  • PVC Mesh

We can also cut any other industrial materials.

The size of the table is 10m x 3.2m.

The cost to use the machine varies depending on the size and detail of the job, please note there is also a cost that includes setup of the machine.

We do require a CAD drawing to be submitted. However, we can provide the drawing for a fee.

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